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, Itís official, playing sport and especially racket sports are beneficial for a long and healthy life. A study by Oxford University, and researchers in Finland and Australia, followed more than 80,000 people for an average of nine years to find out if certain sports protected them against early death. It found that people who played racquet sports regularly were the least likely to die over the study period, reducing their individual risk by 47 per cent compared with people who did no exercise. Swimmers reduced their chance of death by 28 per cent and cyclists by 15 per cent. Yet running appeared to have no impact on dying early, and neither did playing football or rugby. The scientists say the difference may lie in the social aspect of sports like tennis and squash, which often involve clubs and organised activities outside of the game. It means that people playing these sports can have larger social networks and tend to keep up activities into later life, both of which are proven to be good for health. So it looks like youíve made a good choice to be a member of this club! Squash & Racketball The internal leagues continue to thrive, please make every effort to play as many matches as possible and let us know if you would like to join the next set of leagues. The courts are getting very busy so please book your court using our MyCourts system to ensure you get the court you want. For those of you that regularly play squash or racketball don't forget you can become a member of England Squash for free as part of your club membership, just click on the link below; you'll notice lots of pictures of our courts and our players too Tennis The FA Cup tennis finals night was extremely well supported and our outdoor courts are being well used even on these chilly and dark evenings. If you need floodlights please purchase a few tokens from the shop or the bar. The floodlight control box is by court 3, remember to select your court before adding one token at a time, you donít need to wait for the previous court time to elapse. Iím afraid the two tarmac courts are very slippy when wet so please take care if using them, we hope to repaint them in the spring. You should have received an email from the LTA asking you to Opt In for next yearís Wimbledon Ballot, if you havenít please give them a call or pop into reception for assistance. Fitness If youíre struggling for Christmas presents you can purchase vouchers for Personal Training, Tennis or Squash coaching or even two months membership for a friend. Congratulations to Brendon Turner and all the supporters and participants of this yearís Lord Bilston Big Challenge, raising over £15,000 for Compton Hospice, outstanding. Social Save the date Ė Saturday 16th September 2017 is our Autumn Ball in a marquee on the grass courts, more details will be out soon. Lastly, we have two offices available to rent, please give me a call if you might be interested or if you could help us advertise them. We also have a couple of annual tournaments that require a sponsor, if youíre able to support any of these events with sponsorship then please get in touch. Keep healthy, play sport and make friends, Marc Hughes Operations Manager Join us on Facebook

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