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AGM - Minutes Jan 2018

Dear [[firstname]],

Attached are the minutes from last year’s AGM and below is a proposal from Mr Simon Calrow for some additional amendments to the Constitution for your information ahead of Monday’s AGM in the Studio at 8:15pm.

1. The following sentence to be inserted in section 4 as a new paragraph after the line Honorary Life Members shall only be elected at an Annual General Meeting:
The General Committee have the power to give free and discounted membership. The people receiving this membership and the reason for being granted this privilege shall be recorded in the minutes. The General Committee shall review and approve all those members on an annual basis.

2. The following sentences to be inserted at the end of Section 4.
Staff Members
The General Committee have the right to give free membership to staff members when they believe it is appropriate to do so. All new staff receiving this benefit shall be approved and minuted by the General Committee at the earliest opportunity.

3. The following sentences be inserted at the end of Section 4 in relation to Staff Members.
Staff members are entitled to attend, speak and vote at General Meetings of the club.

Club Chairman
John Hollingsworth

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