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Hi [[firstname]] PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO COMPOSE The draw for the Carver Cup has been made and handicaps have been decided and are shown on the drawsheet. They range from Aleks Stojanovic on -29 to his daughter Anya on +10. Anya being female also has the benefit of a game start as do all the over 55 men, as listed below :- Clive Noad Dave Parsons Jan Gromadzki Steve Chilvers Madan Chalotra David Thorpe Phil Lane Raj Sohi Mike Satterthwaite The matches are best of 5 games, PAR scoring up to 15. At 14-14 it is sudden death. If a minus handicap plays a minus handicap one player moves to zero. ie Aleks -29 v Nigel -9 starts -20 v 0 If a minus handicap plays a plus handicap the score starts at their handicaps ie Antony +4 v Guy -8 starts +4 v -8 If two plus handicaps meet (none in the first round) then we have decided that they start on their handicap scores. ie a +2 player v +8 player starts +2 v +8 The first round of matches must be played by Friday 7th November. Courts have been reserved as follows SATURDAY 1st 5pm - 7.15pm 9 courts MONDAY 3rd 6pm -7.30pm 4 courts WEDNESDAY 5th 6pm - 9pm 8 courts When you have agreed a preferred time with your opponent please ring reception 01902 755265 to reserve the court in your name. You are welcome to play at other time but will need to pay the booking fee. The second round of matches and first round of the plate must be played by Friday 14th November. Again courts have been reserved as follows SATURDAY 8th 5pm - 7.15pm 9 courts MONDAY 10th 6pm -7.30pm 4 courts WEDNESDAY 12th 6pm - 9pm 8 courts The Quarter Finals must be played by 18th November and courts have been reserved as follows SATURDAY 15th 5.15pm - 6.45pm 4 courts MONDAY 17th 6pm - 8.15pm 6 courts The Semi-Finals will be played on WEDNESDAY 19th and the FINALS night is FRIDAY 21st November IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE PRESCRIBED DATES AND TIMES FOR THE SEMIS OR FINAL YOU MUST CONCEDE IN THE PREVIOUS ROUND There will not be any referees provided for the early rounds, players are encouraged to help others by doing some marking. If you feel you need a referee/marker then please let us know. If you have a change of heart and want to withdraw we have a number of reserves standing by, so let us know as early as you can. Otherwise, we have a strong entry this year, good luck to all of you. Steve Chilvers

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