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RAF Squash Champs & Kickstart

Dear [[firstname]],

As we approach the end of a busy week at the club, I’m reminded of what an inspirational place the club is. The Royal Air Force Squash Championships have created a wonderful atmosphere down at the squash courts and the feedback from them has been exceptional. The players and organisers have commented on how welcoming our club is and how our staff and our members have been so supportive of this annual event. To top it off, Oscar Hill, a former member and Carver Cup winner won their main event. We wish them well as they travel back to their bases across the UK and overseas.

We now approach the final morning of our annual System Energize Kickstart. A group of 38 have completed a weeklong programme of exercise, healthy eating and body detox. It’s been quite a challenge to complete two fitness classes each day and to not be tempted by the smell of coffee or the habit of alcohol plus make some major changes in our diets.

However, regardless of the results at our weigh in this morning I know we have all benefited from an amazing experience delivered so professionally and caringly by our team of Foggy, Brendon, Billy and Adam and our restaurant team. They have all gone above and beyond to ensure we have had and inspirational week.

On a daily basis I see an increasing number of members around the club, getting up early, staying late to use the gym, attend the classes or playing more frequently on the courts. I encourage all of you to continue your good habits or to make that difficult change to a healthier lifestyle. This week’s group have made it through because of their common goal and togetherness, as a club we have amazing resources and people and by enthusing, motivating and inspiring we can help each other to make positive lifestyle changes.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Kind regards,
Marc Hughes
Sports Mgr & Welfare Officer
Keep Healthy, Play Sport, Make Friends
Over 40s, 50s, 60s Squash Champs Finals 24th Jan
Aussie Open Club Night 31st Jan

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