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Racketball League - September 2016

Hi [[firstname]] The new racketball league is now available on My Courts and on the noticeboard in the squash court area. I've taken over the league management from Simon and have made 2 immediate changes that I hope will encourage more matches to be played, these are: - The league cycle will run from 1st to 30th September. The intention is that a monthly cycle will become the norm, with longer league cycles being added during club tournaments and holiday periods. - Each league only has FIVE players (there were between 5-7 people in each league last cycle) With the move to 5 players per league, I've moved people according to their results but there is a more downwards for most people, you may therefore not be in the location within the league you anticipate but I assure you, you are in the correct position (and therefore the correct league). If this is unclear, please give me a call and I'll explain how the changes have been made. During August there has been a push to encourage more people to join the squash leagues. The same push will be made to get more people to play racketball for the November cycle. Have fun and get those matches booked! Warm regards Matt Head of Squash & Racketball 07728 554555

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