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Squash Leagues September 2016

Hi [[firstname]] Welcome to the new leagues! I'm delighted to see lots of new people join this league cycle, leagues are the heart of a squash club and the more vibrant they are the better the club! When you get a lot of new people join it has an initial impact on league positions, if you were in the last league cycle you would normally have an idea about if you're likely to go up or down but with new members it's not so easy to assess. The main aim of leagues is to provide you with good, regular, competitive opportunities. With this in mind, Darren and I have worked through the results from the last league cycle, along with our assessment of the standard of the new people who have entered and tried to create the September league that is as accurate as possible with regards to your current playing standard. If you had anticipated you may have been promoted or stay in the same league and find yourself in a lower league, this is NOT a relegation, we have had 12 new people join AND I have reduced the number of people to 5 per league instead of 6 per league. I'd like to also draw your attention to a new set of rules. These can be found on the My Courts system, There are a few significant rules you should be aware of: All matches will be played according to the Internationally recognised scoring system, Point A Rally (PAR) to 11 points, best of 5 games. Players not playing a minimum of two matches will automatically be dropped from the next league cycle. Leagues will normally have 5 players in each box. Each league cycle will run over a calendar month (extended for club tournaments and holiday periods). Scores must be written onto the paper sheets and not on line. On line scores will not be taken into account at the end of each cycle. This is to help other members see that the leagues are vibrant and hopefully will help encourage more people to join. If you're unsure about any of the changes, please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email. The leagues will be on the noticeboard from Sunday and you can find them on line from today. Enjoy your squash. Warm regards Matt McFahn Head of Squash & Racketball 07728 554555

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