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October Squash Leagues

Hi Al Firstly a massive WELL DONE for so many matches being played. Every match was played in league 1 and 2, with only one match not being played in league 3 and most matches played in the other leagues (except one). With the aim to make the leagues vibrant and enjoyable to play, you're all starting to make this happen, so thank you. A few players who didn't play any matches have been removed so the October league should hopefully see more games played than last month. PLEASE READ! I'm delighted to be able to tell you that we've had more members wanting to join the league again, 5 of these warrant positions in league's 1 and 2. This has meant that creating the league with 5 players in has been difficult. I'm very keen to try to ensure that league winners get promoted. Unfortunately, from league 4 and below this has proved impossible. Wherever you are this league cycle, you will find you are playing very competitive matches of people of a similar standard. If you're not where you expected to find yourself, please get in touch with me and I'll talk through how I've worked out this month's leagues and the reasons why everyone is where they are. I want to revert to 5 players per league next month so there is likely to be some more adjusting to do before the league settles down to be a 2 up, 2 down and 1 stay structure I'm working towards. But please let me reassure you, you are in the correct position considering the number of new entries we've had this month. Keep playing and enjoy your squash! Regards Matt 07728 554555

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