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Hi all, I hope you are all enjoying an active half term. I have just done the next junior leagues for November/December. I've juggled the leagues round a little bit to get players competing against some different players. I've also added some new players, and withdrawn a couple of players who hadn't played any matches. Can all players try and complete all the matches in the league over this next period, it's great for tennis and social development. If you try to arrange a match, but a player can't play please put this down as a win and drop me a message. League game info and rules 1) Players add cards to slots in the pavilion and add time, players are entitled to 1 hour of court time outdoors, you could then move courts if you haven't finished. 2) Short knock up and get started. Matches are short sets up to 4 games, must win by 2 clear games (4-0,4-1,4-2). If it goes to 3-3 then it's first to 5. If it's 4-4 then play a tie break to 7 points. 3) If it's 1 set all, then play a tie break to 10 points as the 3rd set. Must win by 2 clear points. (10-8, 11-9 etc) 4)POINTS: 1 point for playing 1 point per set won 1 point for winning the match Example, if you win 2 sets to 1, the score is 4-2 in points. Please add results to mycourts if you can, this makes the leagues much easier to run, if you need your login and password, please contact me and I can send it you. 5)Parents obviously please feel free to watch the matches, but please (as tempting as it is) have no input into the match. The players will get the score wrong, get calls wrong, and stand the wrong side, but they must learn to sort these issues between themselves. If there are major issues get in touch and we will try and resolve them. Tel: 07966315211. Email: Indoor courts are normally quiet and great value on Saturday afternoons from 4pm and most of Sunday. Thank you again for supporting the leagues, and I hope to see the courts full of junior matches over the next few months, it's always a great sight seeing the club juniors playing fantastic tennis on the courts most weekends, Many thanks, Paul Hodgetts

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