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November....and part of December Squash Leagues

Hi [[firstname]] The new squash leagues are now available on MyCourts. The Squash and Racketball committee met last night and decided the league will have an extension to permit the Carver Cup matches to be played and will end on 11th December. Congratulations to those who played all of their matches in the last cycle......which in fact was almost all of you! There were 74 out of a possible 90 matches played and this included 2 people who were unable to play games (this accounted for 9 of the 16 un-played games). This league cycle has included what I anticipate to be the last time we make notable adjustments and movements of players, I've tried to create each league with 5 players this time round and in future you should see the 2 up, 2 down and 1 stay approach. Thanks again for getting so many matches played and enjoy your squash this cycle. Warm regards Matt

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