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Dave Smart Racketball 2018 Draw

Good Afternoon Racketballers!!

The draw for the Dave Smart Racketball competition is now live so please get in contact with your opponents and organise your matches!

In terms of the handicap system the rules are as followed:
If you are both on plus figures the lowest score will go down to 0 and the opponents score will be the difference. So if one player were on +10 and another on +5 the score would begin +5 - 0.
If you are both on negative figures, the lowest handicap will go down to 0 and the player with the highest handicap will start on minus the difference, so if one player is on -20 and their opponent is on -15, the scores would start -5 - 0.
If one player is on plus score and the other on a minus, the scores will stay the same.

Any issues with handicaps please don't blame us, i've been put on -24, and Chris is on -23, blame Robin!!

Good luck to all of you competing!

Kind Regards
Andrew Hepworth
Marketing Coordinator
Chris Dawson
Head of Squash and Racketball

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