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Henry Searle (Trump) - The Next Chapter

Dear [[firstname]],

Those of you on our Facebook Group might have already seen this but I thought it was worth sharing with all our members as an example of how this club supports and welcomes juniors. And also an example of how hard work and dedication achieves results, we wish Henry all the very best on the next chapter of his tennis journey.

From Emma Searle, tennis mum to Henry and Oscar:

“By now many of you may know how well Nick Morris has been doing in coaching my son, Henry Searle (formerly Henry Trump) into achieving great things in the world of competitive tennis. The culmination of this is that Henry has been offered a full time place at Patrick Mouratoglou’s tennis academy in the south of France and Henry will be moving over there at the end of January to continue his tennis journey. I wanted to take the opportunity to say a massive heartfelt thanks to everyone at WLTSC for the huge amount of support and care that Henry has been given since he started at tots tennis with Amber when he was just 2 and a half years old!

Everyone at the club has pulled together to put an amazing team around Henry, giving him everything that he needs and therefore enabling him to remain at his home club (alongside My Tennis in Nottingham) for so long whilst still receiving support that has been second to none. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Henry’s situation has been the envy of the majority of tennis parents!

Patrick Hyde... a massive thank you for always dropping everything and patching Henry up at short notice (and standing up to Nick when advising a few days off!) Thank you for educating Henry so that he understands how to look after his body in the future. You are a star!
Billy... Henry has loved his S and C sessions with you. Thank you for stepping up, engaging with the LTA and going the extra mile for Henners.
Marc and Paul... thank you for being so supportive and flexible in order that Henry (and Nick) could have the best training opportunities possible. The support and willingness from the club to do whatever Henry needed to progress has been astonishing.

Tom, Henry P. and everyone else who takes the time to hit balls with Henry... thank you, we really appreciate it!
Amber... without you Henry would never have developed his love for tennis in the first place! You have the patience of a saint and your ability to mix tennis with a bit of footie is what gave Henry the bug!

And finally Nick Morris. Without Nick, I doubt any of this would have happened. He has been the driving force behind Henry’s development since Henry was 3. Nick lives and breathes Henry’s tennis career and has not only coached Henry but has also pushed me to keep going, keep spending (!) and not settle for anything less than Henry deserves. Nick has developed himself in order to do the best for Henry and we couldn't have asked for any more from him. His dedication and commitment to Henry's development has been above and beyond what any regular coach would have given a player. They have had 9 incredibly positive and successful years together and I can't thank him enough for everything he has done.

We are giving Henry a bit of a send-off on Friday 4th January in the studio from 6 til 9pm. Please pop along if you would like to join us in wishing him well in the next stage of his tennis career.”

Keep healthy, play sport and make friends,
Marc Hughes
Operations Manager
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