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Wimbledon Ballot 2019

Dear [[firstname]],

Just a reminder for those of you that are eligible and have opted-in to tonight’s Wimbledon Ballot that you can register in the bar from 10am to 11am, 1pm to 2pm and from 6:30pm this evening and also at reception throughout the day. If you can’t make it tonight you can ask someone to represent you and select your tickets if successful. This is know as your proxy and these are the LTA rules:

Proxy Nominating
17. If the British Tennis Membership Venue Ballot is held during an event and an eligible British Tennis Member is unable to attend, then their name must still be included within the British Tennis Membership Venue Ballot.
18. The British Tennis Member may nominate another British Tennis Member or a member of the Management Committee at the venue who will be present at the ballot to act as a proxy and accept any tickets on his or her behalf.
19. Individuals who appoint a proxy to accept the tickets on their behalf must have an equal chance of being successful in the ballot as any British Tennis Member in attendance. If no proxy has been nominated then it is the responsibility of the British Tennis Membership Venue Ballot administrator to ensure a pair of tickets is assigned to the member if successful.

It's a great evening at the club and we hope to see as many of you as possible in the studio at 8pm but please remember to register before the ballot starts. You don’t need to pay for your tickets (if successful) this evening but will be contacted by the LTA once allocated the following day.

Keep healthy, play sport and make friends,
Marc Hughes
Operations Manager
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