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Dear [[firstname]],

We look forward to seeing many of you at tonight’s EGM in the studio at 8pm; this is your club so please try and find the time to listen to the discussion and vote on the proposal. In the meantime, below are the minutes from the Consultation evening last Wednesday for your info.


PRESENT: Ron Stevenson (President), John Hollingsworth (Chairman),
Graham Loader (Treasurer), John Reynolds, Nigel Mynott, Steve Chilvers,
Guy Birkett, Helen Tottey, Rie Huddart Brentnall, Stephen Russell,
Mike Satterthwaite, Lesley Calrow, Alan Ash.


Ron Stevenson opened the meeting and pointed out that the current proposal to be a Company Limited by Guarantee had no bearing upon CASC and Charitable Status and no further action will be taken on either.

John Hollingsworth (JH) continued by outlining the reasons for the proposal and the risks of remaining an Unincorporated Association (UA). He also referred to our present difficulty to borrow should it be necessary and potential litigation due to unforeseen circumstances.

GUY Birkett (GB) went on to explain that an Unincorporated Association has no legal feature and WLTSC needs to adopt a modern structure. He also referred to the workings of Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis Club Limited (WLTC) and how it owns the land and property on behalf of the club.

RS opened the floor for questions.

Steve Chilvers (SC) asked as to what impact would the proposal have on WLTC ltd. JH said that there would be none.

SR queried the legal standing of an Unincorporated Association. Graham Loader referred, as an example, to lease agreements, which he has signed on behalf of the club and which required his personal guarantee.

SR said that not all sports clubs such as Edgbaston Priory have adopted the change to a Company Limited by Guarantee GL pointed out that there were 2 Limited Companies associated with Edgbaston Priory.

SR said that he agreed in principal to the proposal as long as the draft Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association were available for the membership to view before a final vote.

JH said that the purpose of the EGM is to get the ball rolling and commence the work on the Articles, which will incorporate the existing Constitution as far as is possible. A draft will be sent out to members and a second EGM will be called for final approval.

SR said that he would agree this as did Mike Satterthwaite.

GB summarised the process. Following approval we would proceed with an off the shelf company and draft Articles would be prepared.

Helen Totty said that the meeting helped her to understand the reason for the proposal.

Rie Huddart Brentnall said that she was concerned that there was no communication before the EGM was announced and that this should be improved for future EGM’s.

There were no further questions and the meeting was closed.

Keep healthy, play sport and make friends,
Marc Hughes
Operations Manager
Welfare & Safeguarding Officer
Staffs Tennis Champs 25th to 31st August

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