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Vets Club Championships

Thank you for entering the Championship's this year. The draws are done and can be seen in the pavilion, or you can contact the shop on 01902 758890 to find out your opponents... I am also going to put them on Facebook and in an email in the morning. All the matches are best of 3 sets. THE IMPORTANT STUFF! Please play your matches by the "play by" dates to help the tournament run smoothly. The tournament is running in a monrad format.... THIS MEANS YOU WILL KEEP PLAYING THROUGHOUT THE TOURNAMENT EXAMPLE 1: IF YOU LOSE YOUR FIRST MATCH, YOU WILL GO INTO A NEW DRAW WITH ALL THE OTHER PLAYERS WHO ALSO LOST THEIR FIRST MATCH. IF YOU LOSE YOUR NEXT MATCH YOU GO INTO A DRAW WITH ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT ALSO LOST THEIR 2ND MATCH. EXAMPLE 2: IF YOU WIN YOUR FIRST MATCH, THEN LOSE YOUR 2ND MATCH, YOU GO INTO A DRAW WITH ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT ALSO DID THE SAME. THIS MEANS THAT YOU GET MORE TENNIS AND GET MATCHES AT YOUR OWN LEVEL (You only qualify for the plate draws if you play your match, if you concede the match we can't put you through) THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF! Enjoy your matches, have a drink after with your partner and opponents after the game. Arrange to play another game with new people you meet throughout the tournament. Encourage new players, we have a few players who are playing a tournament for the first time. Finally, please come down and support the finalists on Saturday 12th April to make Final's Day a great day.... and night. Have a fun tournament, Any questions, give me a call/text on 07966315211 Thanks, Paul Hodgetts

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